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Observatory Parameters
Feb 20
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Crescent
09:39 22:49

Feature Tour

  • Find Objects for Your Location

    Using a planetarium software to find target objects for your observing or astrophotography session can be cumbersome, because you need to zoom in to find objects manually.

    The DSO Browser helps you find deep sky objects to observe or astrophotograph by letting you specify filters like observing hours, desired minimum elevation and duration, object types (galaxies, clusters, etc.) and many other options.

  • Observing List

    Create an observing list with the objects you plan to see your next session.

    Sort them by different criteria, compare altitude charts and make sure you make the most out of your night.

    Once you've created your list, you can import it right into the Astro Photography Tool (APT) and Sequence Generator PRO image capture suite.

  • Change the Date to Plan Ahead

    Plan your observing or astrophotography sessions by changing the date in the site to match your preference.

    All times such as rise, transit, and set times will be recalculated for your selected date everywhere in the site.

    Set your location, your date, and you are good to go.

  • Free and Unlimited Astrophotography Profile

    You can create your astrophotography profile for free! Upload unlimited pictures, tell the world which equipment and software you used, get your picture plate solved automatically, like and comment on other users' pictures and much more.

  • Telescope Simulator

    You can see exactly how the object will be seen through your eyepiece or camera sensor.

    Just go to any object page, look for the Telescope Simulator section and enter your eyepiece or camera setup to see a simulation of the framing you would see.

    If you also save your equipment in your profile, you'll see your telescopes and cameras right here so you can switch between them with ease.

  • Elevation Charts

    Throughout the site you'll see altitude charts that let you see at a glimpse how an object will appear to move through the sky during the whole night.

    Mouse over them and you'll be able to check the elevation an object will reach at specific hours.

    Your required minimum elevation is also shown as a green dashed line so you can easily see when the object meets your expectations.

  • Distance from the Moon

    There's no need to drop astrophotography altogether when the Moon is shining brightly: easily find objects far from the Moon during those days so you can still seize the night by targeting objects not affected too much by Moon brightness.

  • Astronomy Calculator

    Many astronomy calculators to find out focal, magnification, binocular and imaging values among other things.

  • Weather Forecast

    Check the hourly weather forecast for the next 7 days with a unique visualization: weather variables like rain and seeing are displayed in color-coded bars so black regions are good for astronomy.

    Just look for moments when all bars are as dark as possible and you'll immediately know the best time to take your equipment out.

  • Save Your Frequent Locations

    If you run a remote and home observatory you can save your frequent locations and timezones to easily switch between them.

    Object and New Moon reminders will take your locations into consideration too.

  • Sky Map

    Check this lightweight alternative to other planetarium software.

    Useful to see quick facts about the sky, constellations, coordinates, etc.

  • Calendar + Weather: Perfect Date Picker

    If you are selecting a date within the next week, you'll see the weather forecast displayed right in the date picker so you can pick the right night more easily.

  • Object Reminders

    Found an object you'd like to see but it's not quite the best time of the year to see it? No problem: set up a reminder with one click, so you'll get a notification when it's the best time to see it from your different locations.

  • Nearby Objects

    You are planning to image an object and you realize you'll have some spare time? When visiting an object page you can find many nearby suggestions in the Nearby Objects section.

  • New Moon Reminder

    When you register, you'll be automatically subscribed to the first and only service that reminds you the New Moon is near and suggests you some objects tailored for your locations.

    Don't worry: if you don't like it, you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Currently, nearly 99% of users enjoy receiving this notification.

  • Moon Calendar

    Check the monthly and yearly month calendars so you know what to expect regarding Moon phases and brightness for deep sky imaging.

  • Mobile Ready

    The entire site is built considering modern times and is perfectly usable from tablets and mobile phones.

    All your planning information is shared accross devices.

Astronomy Quote of the Day

“The purpose of life is the investigation of the Sun, the Moon, and the heavens.” Anaxagoras, Philosopher, 459 BCE
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