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Mar 25
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NGC 5777 and UGC 9570 are a pair of galaxies in Draco about 100 million light-years away. NGC 5777 is an Sb spiral. It is possible there is a small plume to the S edge of the galaxy but being edge-on it is hard to tell. The companion, UGC 9570 is listed as a dwarf spiral with the same redshift indicating it is probably interacting with ngc 5777. It has a very indistinct structure. There are quite a few very faint quasars in the field as indicated by Simbad but I am unable to identify any in my image. Halton Arp has a thing about quasars not being at redshift distances but being ejected from the cores of active galaxies. Whether he ever showed any interest in ngc 5777 I cannot say but there does appear to be an unusually high number of quasars around this galaxy. My image the result of 45 x 120 second exposures on a hazy summer night a couple of months back.
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NGC 5777, Astrofotografía hecha por astroeyes


  • Telescopio / lente fotográfico: orion optics Reflector 254/1250 mm
  • Cámara fotográfica: sx h9c
  • Montura: Ecuatorial Vixen ss2k
  • Telescopio / lente guía: kwiq Refractor
  • Cámara guía: kwiq
  • Procesada con: astroart 3

Cuadros / subs

  • Lights: 45 x 120 seg
  • Tiempo de integración: 1:30 horas


  • Fecha: Tue Jul 22nd 2014
  • Binning: 1x1

Información espacial

  • Tamaño: 1,345 x 1,009 pixels
  • Escala: 1.125 arcseg / pixel
  • Campo Visual: 0º 25' 13''
  • Centro AR: 14h 51m 13s
  • Centro DEC: 58º 58' 07''
  • Orientación: 166.952 grados E desde N

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