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Mar 22
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10:32 00:00
An image acquired in September that I finally got around to processing. Arp 99, the ngc 7549 galaxy group in Pegasus, showing a nice small group of faint galaxies. NGC 7549 is the large 2 armed barred SBm spiral, magnitude 14.1 and size 2.8' x 0.7'. It forms an interacting system with ngc 7550 (elliptical mag.14.1) and ngc 7547 (SBa mag. 14.9). Others in the frame include ngc 7558 (Sa mag. 15.8) and UCM 2313+1842 (no data). Around 100 minutes total exposure, made up of 2 and 3 minute subs sigma combined in AA3. Guided with PHD through my little KWIQ guider. Imaged through the 10" f4.8 Newt. I have to say some of Halton Arp's classifications confuse me. He was interested not only in interactions between galaxies but also between galaxy groups. Arp 99 is in the class Spirals with Elliptical Galaxy Companions on Arms. Dr. Arp provided some fairly extensive notes on this group, saying "connection not seen, but note difference in arms toward and away from E galaxy. Note also material between West spiral and E galaxy". I include a negative image of a cropped section from my image which, I hope, shows what he was looking for. Whether there is any connection between the elliptical and the spiral I can't say but there is some difference in symmetry between the 2 arms of the spiral.
HCG 93, Astrofotografía hecha por astroeyes


  • Telescopio / lente fotográfico: orion optics Reflector 254/1250 mm
  • Cámara fotográfica: sx h9c
  • Montura: Ecuatorial Vixen ss2k
  • Telescopio / lente guía: kwiq Refractor
  • Cámara guía: kwiq
  • Procesada con: astroart 3

Cuadros / subs

  • Lights: 30 x 120 seg
  • Tiempo de integración: 1:00 horas


  • Fecha: Thu Sep 24th 2009
  • Binning: 1x1

Información espacial

  • Tamaño: 1,355 x 1,013 pixels
  • Escala: 1.125 arcseg / pixel
  • Campo Visual: 0º 25' 24''
  • Centro AR: 23h 15m 18s
  • Centro DEC: 19º 00' 18''
  • Orientación: -178.262 grados E desde N

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