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Mar 21
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NGC 869 is an open cluster located 7600 light years away in the constellation of Perseus. The cluster is most likely around 13 million years old. It is the westernmost of the Double Cluster with NGC 884. Both clusters are located physically close to one another, only a few hundred light years apart. The clusters were first recorded by Hipparchus, but have likely been known since antiquity. The Double Cluster is a favorite of amateur astronomers. These bright clusters are often photographed or observed with small telescopes. Easy to find, the clusters are visible with the unaided eye between the constellations of Perseus and Cassiopeia as a brighter patch in the winter Milky Way. In small telescopes the cluster appears as an assemblage of bright stars located in a rich star field. Dominated by bright blue stars the cluster also hosts a few orange stars that add to the visual interest.
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NGC 869, Astrofotografía hecha por Bruce_Feagle


  • Telescopio / lente fotográfico: Orion Newtoniano 200mm 8" Astrogr h
  • Cámara fotográfica: ZWO Optical ASI1600MC (CMOS)
  • Montura: Ecuatorial Celestron CGEM
  • Telescopio / lente guía: Orion Catalejo (spotting scope) Guiding
  • Cámara guía: Orion Guider
  • Accesorios: Aplanador de campo Baader Planetarium
  • Procesada con: Sequence Generator Pro
    PHD Guiding (Stark Labs)
    Cartes du Ciel
    PixInsight (Pleiades Astrophoto)

Cuadros / subs

  • Lights (filtro Polución lumínica): 220 x 30 seg
  • Tiempo de integración: 1:50 horas


  • Fecha: Thu Nov 16th 2017

Información espacial

  • Tamaño: 4,077 x 3,036 pixels
  • Escala: 1.083 arcseg / pixel
  • Campo Visual: 1º 13' 33''
  • Centro AR: 2h 20m 39s
  • Centro DEC: 57º 09' 30''
  • Orientación: 11.800 grados E desde N

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