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Apr 19
Lat. 39.1, Lon. -77.6
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Waxing Crescent
09:15 23:58

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Physicist and engineer by training. Programmer due to situation. Musician and composer since age 3. Artist by choice. Polymath by curse. I tend to view astrophotography as a challenge and a great source for interpretive astro art. Color need not be exactly, nor any other aspect. In this hobby, although I waffle a bit, I tend to value composition over 'exactitude'. (if you don't get that, no offense intended, but I doubt we could ever be peers or much more than acquaintances. I'm not interested in debating it either. I'm sick to death of debating it. If I was interested in duplicating others efforts, I'd buy time on a big scope or I'd have gone in for an astronomy degree. For the first, I think it's a boring thing unless you really have a purpose, and for the second, well I had to chose something to pay the bills. I am fascinated by self-similarity, as defined withing the premises of chaos theory... And I often wonder what the universe would look like if we lived on the time scales of galaxies. For instance, if our perception of time was normalized to that of the life of a galaxy, ie, what we now perceive in a fraction of a seconds was measured in human terms of millions or tens of millions of years, exactly how would we then see the nature of a galaxy? would it's tenuous surface (as a human) transform it into a solid? And what exactly would that solid look like at a given "moment" in our time-scale changed pov? After all at the perceptive time scale of a microbe, we, i our busy lives, are like trees, never changing, static, immutable. Their lives are measured in days. And so in the other direction... Again, for most (at least most people I've met over the years) , that's just mumbo jumbo. For those I consider peers, you'll get what I'm saying. Lordie lord...that's more than I've ever put in a profile. I wonder how long I'll stand revealing that about myself. -xmore...


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“It is reasonable to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star.” Arthur Eddington
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