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Observatory Parameters
Apr 22
Clouds: Seeing:
First Quarter
12:08 01:57

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São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

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NGC 6188 Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula The Prawn Nebula The Prawn Nebula The Pipe Nebula, milk way Omega Centauri Sculptor Galaxy Trifid Nebula Cat's Paw Nebula IC 4701 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy Centaurus A Helix Nebula B 72

Astronomy Quote of the Day

“As you pass from sunlight into darkness and back again every hour and a half, you become startlingly aware how artificial are thousands of boundaries we've created to separate and define. And for the first time in your life you feel in your gut the precious unity of the Earth and all the living things it supports.” Russell Schweikart, Apollo 9
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