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Observatory Parameters
Feb 25
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Gibbous
13:18 03:10

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Sesimbra, Setubal, Portugal

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Orion Nebula Double Cluster Rosette Nebula IC 434 NGC 743 Pleiades Orion Nebula Pacman Nebula North America Nebula Pleiades Gamma Cygni Nebula Lagoon Nebula Andromeda Galaxy IC 353 Triangulum Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy North America Nebula North America Nebula Witch Head nebula Orion Nebula IC 353 Witch Head nebula Andromeda Galaxy Veil Nebula Orion Nebula Heart Nebula IC 434 Elephant Trunk Orion Nebula Orion Nebula Trifid Nebula California Nebula Crescent Nebula Andromeda Galaxy Great Globular Cluster in Hercules Rosette Nebula Orion Nebula m57 - ring nebula Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy IC 4604 Elephant Trunk NGC 6960 Cat's Paw Nebula Omega or Swan Nebula Pacman Nebula milky way Heart Nebula North America Nebula IC 353 IC 1318 Andromeda Galaxy Elephant Trunk North America Nebula NGC 6960 Lagoon Nebula Dumbbell Nebula Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula IC 4592 IC 4592, rho ophiuchi North America Nebula IC 4604 IC 4604 Lagoon Nebula Whirlpool Galaxy Bode's Galaxy IC 1318 NGC 3628 Beehive Cluster Flaming Star Nebula Orion Nebula IC 434 Witch Head nebula IC 353 Elephant Trunk Orion Nebula California Nebula Andromeda Galaxy Orion Nebula Andromeda Galaxy Elephant Trunk NGC 6960

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