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Oct 23
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Crescent
10:53 21:08

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Olocau, Valencian Community, Spain

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IC 434 Orion Nebula NGC 2244 NGC 1333 Heart Nebula Soul Nebula IC 1871 Elephant Trunk, elephants trunk nebula IC 1318A, butterfly nebula gamma cygnus nebula Pinwheel Galaxy NGC 4565, needle galaxy Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula NGC 6960, complete veil complex cygnus wall complex Bubble Nebula Crescent Nebula North America Nebula Iris Nebula, vdb141 dwb111 dwb111 NGC 7380 Cone Nebula, foxfur Cone Nebula Crab Nebula IC 434 NGC 2237, bok globules Jellyfish Nebula, sh2-248 IC 5068 Jellyfish Nebula Sh 2-112 Elephant Trunk, elephants trunk NGC 6820 North America Nebula North America Nebula Cave Nebula, cave NGC 6871, tulip NGC 7822 Iris Nebula, iris Pelican Nebula, herbig-haro 555 Owl Nebula Whirlpool Galaxy, whirlpool IC 417, spider nebula Tadpole Nebula, tadpoles Tadpole Nebula California Nebula Sh 2-142, wizard nebula Crescent Nebula Heart Nebula ctb1, g116.9+0.2, pk 116.9+0.1, lbn 576 Soul Nebula Heart Nebula Sh 2-129, bat nebula, flying bat Sh 2-115, abel 71 NGC 2239 NGC 7822 Pinwheel Galaxy

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