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Observatory Parameters
Dec 15
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waning Crescent
04:43 15:27

neptun Follow

Sofia, Sofia City Province, Bulgaria

Member since Sep 2017


Iris Nebula Pleiades IC 342 Crescent Nebula NGC 4656 NGC 2239 Sombrero Galaxy Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula IC 434 Orion Nebula NGC 1435 NGC 1435 NGC 2239 Elephant Trunk Witch Head nebula Triangulum Galaxy NGC 6992 NGC 2403 Iris Nebula Heart Nebula Lagoon Nebula NGC 2064 Cone Nebula IC 434 IC 434 Pelican Nebula Fireworks Galaxy Crescent Nebula NGC 3184 Thor's Helmet NGC 2064 NGC 7129 Bubble Nebula NGC 6992 Sculptor Galaxy NGC 1432 Omega or Swan Nebula NGC 6960 M 74 Trifid Nebula Lagoon Nebula Cocoon Nebula Iris Nebula Ring Nebula

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