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Observatory Parameters
Nov 18
Clouds: Seeing:
New Moon
06:49 17:26

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Cepagatti, Abruzzo, Italy

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Dumbbell Nebula Trifid Nebula Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula Andromeda Galaxy Pelican Nebula IC 2162 NGC 2244 Bubble Nebula Heart Nebula IC 434 IC 434 Heart Nebula M 52 Crab Nebula Pacman Nebula NGC 7380 Crescent Nebula North America Nebula NGC 6960 Dumbbell Nebula IC 5068 IC 1318 Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula IC 1318 NGC 4565 NGC 5907 NGC 5985 NGC 4565 NGC 5985 M 106 NGC 4725 Pinwheel Galaxy Owl Nebula Whirlpool Galaxy Sombrero Galaxy Sunflower Galaxy Black Eye Galaxy Flaming Star Nebula Flaming Star Nebula Pacman Nebula Orion Nebula NGC 2244 NGC 2174 IC 2162 California Nebula Orion Nebula Gamma Cassiopeiae Nebula NGC 7380 NGC 7822 NGC 6910 NGC 6820 M 52 Cocoon Nebula Crescent Nebula IC 1274 Dumbbell Nebula NGC 6992 NGC 6960 NGC 3628 NGC 2903 NGC 2903 NGC 2064 Thor's Helmet Thor's Helmet Helix Nebula Bode's Galaxy Whirlpool Galaxy Pinwheel Galaxy NGC 4565 Ring Nebula Pacman Nebula NGC 3628 Bode's Galaxy Heart Nebula Orion Nebula Soul Nebula Cone Nebula Soul Nebula Seagull Nebula

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