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Observatory Parameters
Oct 16
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waning Crescent
03:56 17:11

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IC 434 - by Kristof Dierick Andromeda Galaxy - by frederic_tapissier Triangulum Galaxy - by Fernando_Huet Bubble Nebula - by dhowe51 Triangulum Galaxy - by Sadr Tulip Nebula - by bigcastleobservatory IC 434 - by ekallgren NGC 6992 - by ekallgren eclipsse - by Towerskyman iss zarya - by Andrea_Tomicich Moon, Sun, eclipse - by Steve_Pauly by jdiwnab by jdiwnab by garth Pinwheel Galaxy - by garth voie lactée - by Jabbah by Phillip_Klein Sun, Moon - by Jim Lindelien by dsantana by dsantana by dsantana by dsantana by dsantana by dsantana Elephant Trunk - by Rodd Elephant Trunk - by Jeremiah_Roth Sun - by gastargazer Sun - by gastargazer Sun - by gastargazer Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula - by Bernard by Diego_Colonnello NGC 6188 - by jwoody by Epo_Nandrolone by Epo_Nandrolone M 108 - by Korvey Orion Nebula - by TWFowler Bubble Nebula - by Epo_Nandrolone NGC 3189 - by Pullaqua by Tiago_Narciso by Tiago_Narciso Sun - by AL78 Orion Nebula - by AL78 Sun - by AL78 Andromeda Galaxy - by AL78 Lagoon Nebula - by AL78 lbn 468 - by Burkhard NGC 7380 - by Rodd NGC 7380 - by Rodd Sun - by Jean_Legros NGC 3628 - by Antares M 92 - by Antares IC 1274 - by TWFowler Pegasus Cluster - by Ray_Blais Triangulum Galaxy - by Ray_Blais by Diego_Colonnello by Diego_Colonnello by Diego_Colonnello NGC 6188 - by Diego_Colonnello Andromeda Galaxy - by Skyguy90 Pleiades - by Skyguy90 M 106 - by Burkhard by djtrotter Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula - by djtrotter Cat's Paw Nebula - by djtrotter Lagoon Nebula - by djtrotter IC 2948 - by djtrotter by TWFowler by TWFowler NGC 7380 - by Rodd NGC 6823 - by Rodd by Jean_Legros Fireworks Galaxy - by Nesko Carina Nebula, eta carina ne - by fgcardoso California Nebula - by Rodd Soul Nebula - by Rodd Jellyfish Nebula - by Rodd Rosette Nebula - by Rodd Whirlpool Galaxy - by Rodd NGC 6820 - by Kinch Carina Nebula - by Peet_du_Toit by Tiago_Narciso NGC 3603 - by Uri Abraham Lagoon Nebula - by Europa Elephant Trunk - by Jim Lindelien Saturn - by rpiacenti by Michael_Lewis IC 4604 - by Jim Lindelien IC 4604 - by giulio.ercolani Orion Nebula - by giulio.ercolani California Nebula - by starwatcher.ch Orion Nebula - by hallzoo Whirlpool Galaxy - by athmos Centaurus A - by Mike_O_Day Triangulum Galaxy - by patatofour Sombrero Galaxy - by Astronomer598 Dumbbell Nebula - by cmaier Omega Centauri - by Marcelo Alves Sombrero Galaxy - by Burkhard Whirlpool Galaxy - by danimal40

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