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Observatory Parameters
Jan 20
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Crescent
09:31 20:49

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Santa Cristina d'Aro, Catalunya, España

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IC 4665 Great Globular Cluster in Hercules NGC 4631 M 3 Pinwheel Galaxy M 106 NGC 4565 Andromeda Galaxy Pacman Nebula Pacman Nebula Pacman Nebula California Nebula North America Nebula NGC 2174 Flaming Star Nebula California Nebula NGC 1432 NGC 869 Triangulum Galaxy NGC 869 NGC 4565 M 106 Sombrero Galaxy NGC 3628 M 67 NGC 6960 North America Nebula NGC 6992 Pegasus Cluster Dumbbell Nebula M 92 Crescent Nebula Heart Nebula NGC 7789 Bubble Nebula NGC 6992 NGC 7380 NGC 6820 IC 2169 Cone Nebula Crescent Nebula Great Globular Cluster in Hercules IC 434 Cone Nebula Jellyfish Nebula Tadpole Nebula Flaming Star Nebula NGC 2244 IC 434 Heart Nebula Soul Nebula Heart Nebula M 3 M 53 Dumbbell Nebula Dumbbell Nebula North America Nebula Cocoon Nebula North America Nebula North America Nebula North America Nebula NGC 6791 Crescent Nebula IC 353 NGC 869 Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy IC 4756 NGC 6633 IC 4665

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“The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons.” Edwin Hubble, 1936
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