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Observatory Parameters
Apr 22
Lat. 39.1, Lon. -77.6
Clouds: Seeing:
First Quarter
12:08 01:57

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NGC 1432 NGC 2239 Heart Nebula Heart Nebula California Nebula North America Nebula North America Nebula Witch Head nebula IC 4592 Whirlpool Galaxy Pinwheel Galaxy NGC 3189 Thor's Helmet Orion Nebula Jellyfish Nebula Iris Nebula Andromeda Galaxy Lagoon Nebula IC 4592 NGC 2239 NGC 6960 Jellyfish Nebula IC 434 North America Nebula Bode's Galaxy NGC 2239 Orion Nebula Orion Nebula Eagle (or Star Queen) Nebula Orion Nebula Crescent Nebula Andromeda Galaxy NGC 6992 Andromeda Galaxy NGC 2239

Astronomy Quote of the Day

“As you pass from sunlight into darkness and back again every hour and a half, you become startlingly aware how artificial are thousands of boundaries we've created to separate and define. And for the first time in your life you feel in your gut the precious unity of the Earth and all the living things it supports.” Russell Schweikart, Apollo 9
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