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Observatory Parameters
Dec 11
Clouds: Seeing:
Waning Crescent
00:47 13:22
NGC3718 Scatto singolo con sensore a colori QHY8L 720 secondi Location: Soragna, Soragna, PR, Italy
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HCG 56, Astrophotography by djastro


  • Imaging telescope / lens: Tecnosky 115/800 115/800
  • Mount: EQ6
  • Guiding telescope / lens: Tecnosky 115/800 115/800

Frames / Subs




Spatial Info

  • Image Size: 708 x 766 pixels
  • Image Scale: 1.984 arcsec / pixel
  • Visual Field: 0º 25' 19''
  • RA Center: 11h 33m 09s
  • DEC Center: 53º 05' 06''
  • Orientation: 86.172 degrees E of N

Sky Maps


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