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Observatory Parameters
Apr 23
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Gibbous
13:14 02:47
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Soul Nebula, Astrophotography by Martin_Dufour


  • Imaging telescope / lens: Takahashi Lens 106/530 mm FSQ106EDX
  • Imaging camera: SBIG STXl11002 (CCD)
  • Mount: Equatorial Sky-Watcher EQ8
  • Guiding telescope / lens: Takahashi Lens 106/530 mm FSQ106EDX
  • Guiding camera: SBIG STXl11002 (CCD)
  • Processed with: MaxIm DL (Cyanogen)
    PixInsight (Pleiades Astrophoto)

Frames / Subs



  • Date: Fri Sep 1st 2017

Spatial Info

  • Image Size: 2,173 x 1,647 pixels
  • Image Scale: 3.487 arcsec / pixel
  • Visual Field: 2º 06' 17''
  • RA Center: 2h 54m 36s
  • DEC Center: 60º 24' 34''
  • Orientation: -15.218 degrees E of N

Sky Maps



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