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Observatory Parameters
Dec 15
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
Waning Crescent
04:43 15:27
IC1396 Hubble Palette Frames: 53x900"
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Elephant Trunk, Astrophotography by Francesco_di_Biase


  • Imaging telescope / lens: Takahashi FSQ-106ED
  • Imaging camera: Moravian Instruments g2-4000
  • Mount: GM1000 HPS
  • Filters: Astronomik SII 12nm
    H-alpha 12nm
    OIII 12nm

Frames / Subs




Spatial Info

  • Image Size: 2,037 x 2,007 pixels
  • Image Scale: 2.871 arcsec / pixel
  • Visual Field: 1º 37' 26''
  • RA Center: 21h 38m 50s
  • DEC Center: 57º 30' 08''
  • Orientation: -179.624 degrees E of N

Sky Maps


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“There are no black holes - in the sense of regimes from which light can't escape to infinity. There are however apparent horizons which persist for a period of time.” Stephen Hawking, 2014
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