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Dec 18
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This website stands on the shoulders of these giants (listed alphabetically):

Aladin Lite
Online sky atlas used in the telescope simulator.
Dark Sky
For the weather forecast service
Dr. Wolfgang Steinicke
For the Revised NGC/IC catalogues
FamFamFam flag icons
Incredibly popular icons of country flags.
Font Awesome
Lightweight icons implemented as a web font.
Beautiful weather forecast.
Fred Espenak
Calendar of astronomical events based on Fred Espenak's calendar.
Automatic location detection based on IP addresses.
Google Sky
Based on the Google Maps engine, lets us browse the night sky.
NGC/IC Project
Thousands of images for NGC objects.
Saguaro Astronomy Club
They provided the initial deep sky objects database.

Astronomy Articles

· Space.com

Dawn to Fly Closer to Ceres Than Ever in Mission's Final Phase

NASA's Dawn mission to the main asteroid belt, granted a second extended mission earlier this year, will end later next year after a final set of close-up observations of the dwarf planet Ceres.
· Space.com

Recycled SpaceX Dragon Capsule Makes 2nd Delivery to Space Station

A used SpaceX Dragon cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station for the second time Sunday (Dec. 17) delivering more than 2 tons of NASA supplies just in time for Christmas.
· Space.com

Russian, Japanese and US Crew Launch to Space Station on Soyuz

Three crewmates for the International Space Station are now on their way to the complex, where they will begin their six month stay by ringing in the new year.
· Space.com

Thales Alenia Working With Three Companies on Deep Space Gateway Concepts

Thales Alenia Space is partnering with three U.S. companies that are working on NASA studies of concepts for the proposed Deep Space Gateway, leveraging its expertise in space station and cargo module development.
· Space.com

California's Still-Growing Thomas Fire Spews Brown Smoke in NASA Image

A NASA satellite captured an image showing a thick curtain of brown smoke billowing from the Thomas Fire in Southern California yesterday (Dec. 14).
· Space.com

Trekkie Runaway Beams Up to Hollywood in 'Please Stand By' Trailer

The opening scenes of a new drama sound just like a traditional "Star Trek" episode: "Captain's log, final entry," the narrator says. "Spock and I are the sole survivors."
· Space.com

Space Station Double Play Sunday! Watch a New Crew Launch as SpaceX Dragon Arrives

There's a lot of spaceflight action on tap Sunday morning (Dec. 17), and you can watch it all before the first NFL game of the day kicks off.
· Space.com

Moon Rocket Thrust! NASA Tests Powerful Engine with 3D-Printed Part

An engine designed for the world's most powerful rocket underwent one last test fire for 2017 on Wednesday (Dec. 13) to help NASA get ready for the Space Launch System rocket's first flight around the moon.

Astronomy Quote of the Day

“Astronomers, like burglars and jazz musicians, operate best at night.” Miles Kington, Journalist
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