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OPT - The Telescope Authority


This website stands on the shoulders of these giants (listed alphabetically):

Aladin Lite
Online sky atlas used in the telescope simulator.
Dark Sky
For the weather forecast service
Dr. Wolfgang Steinicke
For the Revised NGC/IC catalogues
FamFamFam flag icons
Incredibly popular icons of country flags.
Font Awesome
Lightweight icons implemented as a web font.
Beautiful weather forecast.
Fred Espenak
Calendar of astronomical events based on Fred Espenak's calendar.
Automatic location detection based on IP addresses.
Google Sky
Based on the Google Maps engine, lets us browse the night sky.
NGC/IC Project
Thousands of images for NGC objects.
Saguaro Astronomy Club
They provided the initial deep sky objects database.

Astronomy Articles

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How Far Away is Fusion? Unlocking the Power of the Sun

The Sun uses its enormous mass to crush hydrogen into fusion, releasing enormous energy. How long will it be until we’ve got this energy source for Earth? The post How Far Away is Fusion? Unlocking the Power of the Sun appeared first on Universe Today.
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Star Should Have Gone Supernova, But it Imploded Into a Black Hole Instead

While viewing a massive star in the Fireworks Galaxy that was expected to go supernova, a team of astrophysicists instead found that it had formed a black hole. The post Star Should Have Gone Supernova, But it Imploded Into a Black Hole Instead appeared first on Universe Today.
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Best Space Stories of The Week!

Juno gets a first look at Jupiter's marvelous poles, the world's largest (current) aircraft goes for a spin, Earth science loses on the proposed NASA budget and astronauts perform an urgent spacewalk — it's Space.com's top news stories of the week.
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Curious Kids: Does Space Go on Forever?

Space probably does go on forever, but the truth is we don't know. Not yet anyway. That's what makes this a great question, because science is all about finding answers to things we don't know yet.
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European Mars Lander Crashed Due to Data Glitch, ESA Concludes

The reason Europe's Schiaparelli Mars lander failed to touch down safely last fall is that conflicting data confused the craft's onboard computer, according to a newly completed crash investigation.
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Hotspot for Cosmic Rays: Touring the Telescope Array Project in Utah

In the Utah desert, hundreds of rusty instruments scour the sky for signs of high-energy particles from space. Space.com contributor Nola Taylor Redd took a tour of the Telescope Array facility.
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NASA's Lunar Orbiter Survives 'Speeding Bullet' Meteoroid

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured a photograph of the moon at the same moment that the spacecraft was struck by a meteoroid traveling faster than a bullet.