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Observatory Parameters
Feb 23
Lat. 39.0, Lon. -77.5
Clouds: Seeing:
First Quarter
11:33 01:00

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Washington, Utah, United States

Member since Apr 2016

Retired Music and Spanish teacher. Amatuer astrophotographer since 1986. Built two domed observatories called Dustyhills Observatory. Currently I live in a place where I have to leave town to go do astrophotography.more...


Telescopes / lenses

  • Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) 204/2024 mm C8
  • Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) 204/425 mm C8 Hyperstar III
  • Explore Scientific Achromatic 102/663 mm AR102
  • Nikon Lens 50mm
  • Opteka Lens 85mm


  • Atik 414EX Color (CCD)
  • ZWO Optical ASI 224MC (CMOS)
  • ZWO Optical 120mm-s (CMOS)
  • Nikon D5300


  • Equatorial Celestron AVX
  • Barn door tracker Homemade - DIY motorized


  • StarTools 1.4.327
  • Artemis Capture
  • DSS (DeepSkyStacker)
  • Lightroom 5
  • BackyardNIKON 2.0
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 2.9.5


  • Hutech Light pollution IDAS D1 2.00"
  • Baader Planetarium Light pollution UHC 2.00"
  • Baader Planetarium SkyGlow Moon and Skyglow
  • Lumicon H-alpha (Narrowband Hydrogen Alpha) 1.25"



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