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Apr 24
Lat. 39.1, Lon. -77.6
Clouds: Seeing:
Waxing Gibbous
14:21 03:31
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    What Users Think
    This continues to be the best resource of its type, now become essential for me for researching and choosing imaging targets. It means a lot less wasted time than there was. It's hard to think of any way in which this app can be improved, it does so much and so well.
    James, England
    I just started using the DSO Browser and I am impressed. This is an original idea put to work on an outstanding platform. I find it very useful to plan observations and photo sessions. The hourly elevation and the monthly elevation graphs are awesome and helpful. I plan to use it on a regular basis.
    Federico, Venezuela
    Amazing work! What a helpful tool for planning observing sessions. Absolutely wonderful.
    Nick, United States
    I love the site! It is my favorite “go-to” for session list generation and looking for DSO info.
    Andrey, United States
    Very great job with your website, I'm using it constantly since I found it! It's really that good, thank you!
    Sergio, Israel
    Thanks for implementing the “Telescope Simulator”. Superb feature!
    Paul, England
    I think this site is a god send. I use it all the time for planning what I am going to image.
    James, England
    Thank you for creating this wonderful site, it is my favorite and I always use it. I've been to a lot of astronomical websites and so far this is the best one I've seen.
    Brandon, United States
    I've been using this for a while now and it's an amazing and educational venture! I urge any and all finding this to join in. Two things I look for on the net: beautifully done and free-of-charge. The DSO Browser passes this test with (truly) flying-colors!
    Dave, United States

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    An infrared view of the Hubble telescope's 28th anniversary photo reveals a sea of stars that hide behind colorful clouds of gas and dust when viewed in visible-light wavelengths.
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    Death Drives the Evolution of Life on 'One Strange Rock'

    Life never would have evolved on Earth without death.

    Astronomy Quote of the Day

    “I believe alien life is quite common in the Universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.” Stephen Hawking
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