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New Moon: Dec 11 (Friday)

Galaxy NGC 4639

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Galaxy in constellation Virgo (The Maiden). Also known as UGC 7884.
NGC 4639
#1 — Credit: Credit: A. Sandage (Carnegie Observatories), A. Saha (Space Telescope Science Institute), G.A. Tammann, and L. Labhardt (Astronomical Institute, University of Basel), F.D. Macchetto and N. Panagia (Space Telescope Science Institute and European Space Agency) and NASA

Data sheet

2.9' x 2'
SBbc Ring
12h 42m 54s
13º 15' 00''

Hourly altitude

Maximum altitude: 64.2 degrees at 08:33 hours

Monthly altitude

Best period for observing at

Early April

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