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Waning Gibbous

New Moon: Dec 11 (Friday)

Full Moon: Dec 25 (Friday)

Alpha Persei - Mel 20

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Open Cluster in constellation Perseus (Rescuer of Andromeda). Also known as Cr 39.
Alpha Persei

Data sheet

III 3 m
3h 24m 17s
49º 51' 59''

Hourly altitude

Maximum altitude: 79.2 degrees at 23:11 hours

Monthly altitude

Best period for observing at

Mid November

Nearby Open Clusters

M 34 Magnitude 5.2 Size 35' Cr 33 Magnitude 5.9 Size 40' Cr 34 Magnitude 6.8 Size 25' NGC 1528 Magnitude 6.4 Size 24' NGC 1545 Magnitude 6.2 Size 18' NGC 1342 Magnitude 6.7 Size 14' NGC 957 Magnitude 7.6 Size 11' NGC 1245 Magnitude 8.4 Size 10' NGC 1513 Magnitude 8.4 Size 9' NGC 956 Magnitude 8.9 Size 8'

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