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Alpha Persei - Mel 20Add to Observing List

Open Cluster. Also known as Cr 39.
III 3 m
3h 24m 17s
49º 51' 59''
PER - Perseus

Altitude during

Maximum altitude: 79.2 degrees at 05:58 hours

Best period for observing at

Late November

Nearby Open Clusters

M 34M 34Open ClusterSize 35'Magnitude 5.2
Cr 33Cr 33Open ClusterSize 40'Magnitude 5.9
Cr 34Cr 34Open ClusterSize 25'Magnitude 6.8
NGC 1528NGC 1528Open ClusterSize 24'Magnitude 6.4
Tr 3Tr 3Open ClusterSize 23'Magnitude 7.0
Tr 2Tr 2Open ClusterSize 20'Magnitude 5.9
NGC 1545NGC 1545Open ClusterSize 18'Magnitude 6.2
Tombaugh 5Tombaugh 5Open ClusterSize 17'Magnitude 8.4
Stock 23Stock 23Open ClusterSize 15'Magnitude N/A