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Can Stars Be Cold?

Stars are hot, we know that, everyone knows that. But are there “cold stars”? It all depends on what you mean by the word “cold” and the word “star”. The post Can Stars Be Cold? appeared first on Universe Today.
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Resolving the extended atmosphere and the inner wind of Mira (o Ceti) with long ALMA baselines

Authors: , T. Kamiński, K. M. Menten and F. Wyrowski.<br />Astronomy & Astrophysics Vol. 590 , page A127<br />Published online: 27/05/2016<br /> Keywords: radiative transfer ; stars: atmospheres ; stars: winds, outflows ; stars: AGB and post-AGB ; stars:...
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Next Time You’re Late To Work, Blame Dark Energy!

Ever since Lemaitre and Hubble's first proposed it in the 1920s, scientists and astronomers have been aware that the Universe is expanding. And from these observations, cosmological theories like the Big Bang Theory and the "Arrow of Time" emerged. Whereas the former addresses the...
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How Do Volcanoes Erupt?

Volcanoes come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from common cinder cone volcanoes that build up from repeated eruptions and lava domes that pile up over volcanic vents to broad shield volcanoes and composite volcanoes. Though they differ in terms of structure and appearance, they all share two...
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The House Makes NASA A Counteroffer It Probably Can’t Refuse

It looks like mostly good news in NASA's budget for 2017. The Commerce, Justice, and Science sub-committee is the House of Representatives body that oversees NASA finances, and they have released details on how they would like to fund NASA in 2017. According to their plan, NASA's...

SpaceX's First Two Droneship Landings - Highlight Reel | Video

The private spaceflight company landed the Falcon 9 rocket first stage on their droneship "Of Course I Still Love You' on April 8, 2016 and May 6, 2016 after successful launches. The landings with different angles are shown.