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It's perfectly safe to share this information. We cannot use it to identify you. It's precise only up to 1.6 km approx. (1 mile)

Wondering what to do with your telescope?

✓ observing
✓ astrophotography

Set your location to:

  • Find deep sky objects viewable from your place

    Galaxies, nebulae, globular/open clusters, supernovas, and more.

  • Create an observing list - new!

    Share it accross devices and print it to take it with you to the field.

  • Get monthly reminders around new moon - new!

    Get ready for your next field session. Set your locations.

  • Check local rise, transit and set times

    To plan your night better.

  • View objects in Google Sky

    To help you with the viewfinder.

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