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NASA Goes With Atlas V To Launch Mars 2020 Rover

NASA's Mars Exploration Program has accomplished some truly spectacular things in the past few decades. Officially launched in 1992, this program has been focused on three major goals: characterizing the climate and geology of Mars, looking for signs of past life, and preparing the way for...
Universe Today

JUNO Transmits First Up-Close Look Soarin’ over Jupiter

NASA’s JUNO spacecraft successfully swooped over the Jovian cloud tops today, Saturday, Aug. 27, gathering its first up close images and science observations of the 'King of the Planets' since braking into orbit on America’s Independence Day. Saturdays’ close...

Space.com Visits a Mock Mars Mission in Hawaii: Travelogue

Space.com reporter Calla Cofield travels to Hawaii to see six crew members on a mock Mars mission come back to Earth.

Mock Mars Crew Will Return to Civilization Today, After 1 Year in Isolation

After twelve months living in a habitat on the rocky slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, having limited contact with the outside world, six crew members for the HI-SEAS program will return to civilization today.

The Most Amazing Space Photos This Week!

See the best photos on Space.com this week, including artist's illustrations of the newfound nearby exoplanet Proxima b, "Star Trek" actor George Takei on a zero-g flight and SpaceX putting its first-ever landed rocket on display.

Rare Close Encounter of Venus & Jupiter Tonight Won't Happen Again Until 2065

Tonight (Aug. 27), look toward the western horizon just after sunset to see Venus and Jupiter get up close and personal, plus a parade of planets. No telescope required!