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NGC 2264 Magnitude 3.9 Size 20' Elevation 61º NGC 2244 Magnitude 4.8 Size 24' Elevation 56º NGC 2237 Magnitude 5.5 Size 1.3º Elevation 56º NGC 2238 Magnitude 6.0 Size 1.3º Elevation 56º NGC 2175 Magnitude 6.8 Size 18' Elevation 71º M 81 Magnitude 6.9 Size 24.9' Elevation 60º
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Send Your Sweetie An Out-Of-This-World Valentine

Still looking for the right card for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Why not do it in cosmic proportion by getting NASA on your side?  The tender-hearted folks at agency may have just what you're looking for.The staff at the New Horizons mission headquarters offers...

New STAR WARS TV Series Coming ... in LEGO

A new Star Wars TV Series is coming ... in LEGO. Not only that, there's a new lightsaber called the Kyber Saber.

'Star Wars' Fans Feel the Force at New Jersey's Liberty Science Center

Star Wars remixes and tribute songs filled the air as crowds of dressed-up fans and their parents (and children) packed into the learning center Feb. 12 to kick off "Science, Sabers and Star Wars," a weekend-long celebration of the movies' world.

Mold Contamination Delays Orbital ATK Cargo Flight to ISS

The next commercial cargo mission to the International Space Station is being delayed by mold.
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Obama Administration Proposes Smaller 2017 NASA Budget of $19 Billion with Big Exploration Cuts

The Obama Administration has announced its new Federal budget and is proposing to cut NASA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget to $19 billion by carving away significant funding for deep space exploration, whereas the overall US Federal budget actually increases to over $4.1 trillion.This 2017...
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The Andromeda Constellation

In the 2nd century CE, Greek-Egyptian astronomer Claudius Ptolemaeus (aka. Ptolemy) compiled a list of the then-known 48 constellations. His treatise, known as the Almagest, would be used by medieval European and Islamic scholars for over a thousand years to come. Thanks to the development of...